BOX OFFICE: Slovak/Czech Comedy Invalid Tops Slovak Charts

    Invalid by Jonáš Karásek Invalid by Jonáš Karásek credit: AZYL Production, source: FB

    BRATISLAVA: The Slovak/Czech dark comedy Invalid by Jonáš Karásek holds the first place in the Slovak charts even after five weeks of screening. The film has become the most successful film of 2023 so far, with a total of 132,020 admissions and 984,853 EUR gross.

    As a comparison, Magic Mike´s Last Dance, which also premiered on 9 February 2023, has had 43,407 admissions and 318,316 EUR gross in five weeks, while Ant-Man and Wasp: Quantumania has had 52,386 admissions and cashed in 397,811 EUR in four weeks.

    The story of Invalid takes place in the time before Slovakia joined the European Union, when Mečiarism (spin off from Communism) and organised crime were at their peak. The film confronts the most topical subjects of racism, depression, domestic violence and a dysfunctional system via an ostensibly simple story of a maintenance worker looking for justice.

    The film was produced by Slovakia‘s AZYL Production in coproduction with RTVS, HomeMedia and Czech´s CinemArt. The production was supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

    Invalid was released in Slovak cinemas by CinemArt SK. It will be released in the Czech Republic by CinemArt on 20 April 2023.