FNE at Potoroz 2014: Inferno

    Inferno by Vinko Möderndorfer Inferno by Vinko Möderndorfer

    LJUBLJANA: Inferno, the third feature film by Vinko Möderndorfer (Landscape No. 2, 2008; Suburbs, 2004), competes at the Slovenian Film Festival in Potoroz, 10-14 September 2014.

    The film stars well-known Slovenian actors Marko Mandić (Landscape No. 2), Medea Novak, Renato Jenček, Jernej Šugman, Jana Zupancic, and Sebastian Cavazza.

    The film takes on the topic of struggling for a better life in a world defined by economic crisis and lack of morality. Möderndorfer sees the world today as an inferno: an unjust hell where those who are unlucky are simply unable to find the way out of their misery. His Inferno is by no means an abstract meditation on hell and evil, but addresses concrete social and political situations in which the world has found itself because of the global capitalist monstrosity.

    The film is a coproduction of four countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. It was co-financed by the Slovenian Film Center (750,000 EUR), the Croatian Audiovisual Center (100,000 EUR), the Macedonian Film Agency (80,000 EUR), Film Center Serbia (50,000 EUR), Radiotelevizija Slovenia (61,000 EUR), MEDIA development and i2i (36,000 EUR), and with technical support from Viba film studio (462,000 EUR).

    Inferno will be distributed by Cinemania Group and will be released in Slovenian cinemas on 11 Sept 2014.

    Production Credits:

    Production Company: Forum Ljubljana
    Co-Producers: Kinorama, Sektor Film, Delirium, Radiotelevizija Slovenia
    Co-funding: Croatian Audiovisual Center, Slovenian FilmCenter, Macedonian Film Agency, Film Center Serbia, Media Program EU

    Producer: Eva Rohrman
    Co-producers: Ankica Jurić Tilić, Vladimir Anastasov, Angela Nestorovska, Biljana Prvanović, Srdjan Dragojević
    Director: Vinko Möderndorfer
    Screenwriter: Vinko Möderndorfer
    Director of Photography: Mirko Pivčević
    Editor: Andrija Zafranović
    Sound Recordist: Peter Žerovnik
    Sound Designer: Julij Zornik
    Production Manager: Matija Kozamernik
    Production Designer: Dušan Milavec
    Costume Designer: Alenka Korla
    Make up: Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska
    Cast: Marko Mandić, Medea Novak, Renato Jenček, Jernej Šugman, Jana Zupančič, Sebastian Cavazza, Marko Bukvič, Lara Volavšek