FNE at Potoroz 2014: Sailing to Paradise

    Sailing to Paradise by Blaž Završnik Sailing to Paradise by Blaž Završnik

    LJUBLJANA: Sailing to Paradise is the first feature film by Blaž Završnik, a graduate in architecture, now finishing Film and TV Direction studies at the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television.

    The central character is Zak, who after losing his parents embarks on sailing trip for peace and memories. His plan is interrupted by Lucka, a very gabby girl who clings to him like a leech, stalking him all the way to his sailing boat in the marina. She gets him to take her on board, and as it turns out during the sailing trip across the Adriatic, they are each other’s best remedy for the fates they are suffering.

    This romantic drama is also the first feature film made by production company Sever&Sever Production and was co-funded by the Slovenian Film Center in the amount of 65,000 EUR. It will be released in Slovenian cinemas on 11 Sept 2014.

    Production Credits:

    Production Company: Sever&Sever d.o.o.
    Co-Producers: Restart d.o.o.
    Co-funding: Slovenian Film Center
    Producer: Jani Sever
    Co-producer: Boštjan Kačičnik, Blaž Završnik, Lev Predan Kowarski, Andrej Nagode, Ajda
    Smrekar, Klemen Janežič
    Executive Producer: Nina Jeglič
    Director: Blaž Završnik
    Assistant Director: Niko Vodošek
    Screenwriter: Blaž Završnik, Ajda Smrekar, Klemen Janežič
    Director of Photography: Lev Predan Kowarski
    Composer: Laren Polič Zdravič, Andi Koglot
    Film Editor: Andrej Nagode
    Sound Recordist: Nina Bučuk
    Sound Designer: Boštjan Kačičnik
    Graphic Design: Hana Jesih
    Cast: Klemen Janežič, Ajda Smrekar, Stane Tomažin, Igor Žužek