FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film 2020: Asymmetry

    Asymmetry by Maša Nešković Asymmetry by Maša Nešković

    LJUBLJANA: Maša Nešković's Asymmetry / Asimetrija will be screened in the competition of the 23rd Festival of Slovenian Film in Ljubljana (6-11 October 2020). This Serbian/Slovenian/Italian coproduction is a fiction drama about three couples in one city, sharing exactly the same destinies. The film won the Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature film at the Sydney World Film Festival.

    A girl and a boy spend the last days of their summer break together, before the girl has to leave the country. A young woman and a young man meet unexpectedly and start a passionate love affair. While she is exploring the city she left as a child, he has a feeling that they’ve met before. A woman and a man separate after 20 years of marriage, but the relationship they’ve built doesn’t allow them to move on.

    "In making the film I was inspired by some of the things that keep haunting me and are part of my biggest fears. They all have to do with how romantic relationships change over time, and with the reasons they end, even though they were good, loving relationships," the director and cowriter Maša Nešković explains her inspiration.

    The film was produced by Snežana van Houwelingen through This & That Productions in coproduction with Martina Lajtner through Korektif (Slovenia) and through Nightswim (Italy), with the support of the Film Center Serbia.

    The film was shot in Serbia and Montenegro in 2017.

    Production Information:

    Asymmetry by Maša NeškovićProducer:
    This & That Productions (Serbia)

    Korektif (Slovenia)
    Nightswim (Italy)

    Director: Maša Nešković
    Screenwriters: Maša Nešković, Vladimir Arsenijević, Staša Bajac
    DoP: Đorđe Arambašić
    Editor: Marija Šarac
    Production Designers: Jovana Cvetković, Jelena Sopić
    Costume Designer: Biljana Grgur
    Composer: Janja Lončar
    Sound Designers: Miloš Drndarević, Vladimir Živković, Vladimir Uspenski
    Cast: Daria Lorenci Flatz, Uliks Fehmiu, Mira Janjetović, Mladen Sovilj, Lola Vitasović, Mateja Poljčić