FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film 2020: Ivan Bolle – A Lonesome Rider

    Ivan Bolle – A Lonesome Rider by Matjaž Žbontar Ivan Bolle – A Lonesome Rider by Matjaž Žbontar

    LJUBLJANA: Matjaž Žbontar's Ivan Bolle – A Lonesome Rider / Ivan Bolle – Volk samotar will be screened in the competition of the 23nd Festival of Slovenian Film in Ljubljana (6-11 October 2020). This feature documentary is a portrait of Ivan Bolle, an unknown Slovenian filmmaker who made films in the 1930s, documenting various events in and around Ljubljana. His film opus includes four medium-length fiction films set in the mountains.

    Ivan Bolle was the first Slovenian filmmaker to screen films with sound, playing music from his rich collection of classical records or previously recorded sound effects on a gramophone player at 78 rpm. He also experimented with film colouring, and was a versatile figure in the world of cinema, serving as a screenwriter, director, camera operator, and actor.

    "It was 13 years ago that I discovered Bolle’s precious legacy in the Antika Carniola antique shop. I was completely in awe of this unknown filmmaker who made films in the 1930s in the rare Pathé format of 9.5 mm," says director and screenwriter Matjaž Žbontar.

    The film was produced by Matjaž Žbontar through Fatamorgana in coproduction with Arkadena, Solsticij and Studio Ritem with the total budget of 84,000 EUR. It was supported by the Slovenian Film Centre in the amount of 45,000 EUR.

    The shooting took place in Studio Arkadena and KUD Ljubljana in 2019.

    Production Information:

    Ivan Bolle - A Lonesome Rider by Matjaž ŽbontarProducer:
    Fatamorgana (Slovenia)

    Arkadena (Slovenia)
    Solsticij (Slovenia)
    Studio Ritem (Slovenia)

    Director: Matjaž Žbontar
    Screenwriter: Matjaž Žbontar
    DoP: Jure Černec, Radovan Čok
    Editor: Haris Atajić
    Production Designer: Vesna Veselinović
    Costume Designer: Tanja Skrbic Birgmajer
    Make-Up Artist: Anja Godina
    Sound Designer: Borut Berden
    Cast: Jan Bučar, Rok Vihar, Gojmir Lešnjak, Lili Kermauner, Maša Medved, Zala Ana Štiglic