Dear friends,

For many weeks we have been intensively preparing the 21st edition of the New Horizons International Film Festival. In an effort to ensure the highest quality in terms of programming and organization we are planning for this year's event to be a hybrid edition - cinema screenings will of course be the heart of the festival, but some films will be available online.

Due to the still serious pandemic, many international spring festivals are changing their dates. Cannes is one of them, and this year it will be held in July, very close to our festival's originally planned date. Since the Cannes festival significantly influences the New Horizons program and its industry events (including Polish Days), we decided to hold our festival a little later. Therefore, the 21st New Horizons International Film Festival will be held on August 12-22, 2021, in Wrocław, of course.

Tickets for the stationary part of the festival go on sale March 10. The upcoming edition will include, among others, the retrospectives of Chantal Akerman, Angela Schanelec and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. In recent months, our programmers have participated in festivals in Venice, Tallinn, Rotterdam, Gothenburg and Sundance. We already have over 80 confirmed titles and we still have the Berlinale, the aforementioned Cannes, and hundreds of submitted titles to watch. Movies for the 21st New Horizons International Film Festival will certainly be expressive and boldly comment on the complex reality we face every day.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We are convinced that this year's edition will be unforgettable, full of meetings and discussions in cinemas and, what is extremely important to us, safe.

Kind regards,

Roman Gutek, Marcin Pieńkowski and the entire New Horizons International Film Festival team

Special edition of our MIDPOINT Intensive program was tailored for Sofia Meetings (running online, March 17–24, 2021), the international co-production market which takes place online during the Sofia International Film Festival

MIDPOINT Intensive Sofia Meetings is a one-off online training program open to 1st and 2nd feature film projects in the early stage of development from Central and Eastern Europe.

FNE spoke to Polish filmmaker Marek Walczyk about how the pandemic had impacted his work as a filmmaker and VFX supervisor. He spoke about how the pandemic diversified the international markets where he works and how remote working had driven technical advances in VFX in filmmaking.

VALLETTA. The third season of the award-winning German TV series Das Boot, produced by Bavaria Fiction for Sky Studios, is currently shooting in Malta. Latina Pictures is handling production services.

Film submissions to the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF are now open!

We are now receiving submissions for the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF and look forward to seeing your films. We accept feature-length and short films, animated and interactive documentaries. The films premiered in Jihlava have a chance to be nominated for the European Film Academy Awards and the winners at the Ji.hlava IDFF are also eligible for Oscar® consideration in the Documentary Short Subject and Documentary Feature Subject categories. Check out the deadlines now.

60 Years of Manned Space Flight– Homage to Yuri Gagarin // Pop-Up Culture at the Pan-European Picnic // Anti-Oscar Night with Radu Jude and Dan Perjovschi // Accreditation and Press Conference

As Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin set off from Kazakhstan’s Tyuratam spaceport on 12 April 1961, on the first manned spaceflight in human history, he is reported to have shouted a simple "Let's go!" (“Поехали”) right beforelift-off. Today the exclamation still serves as a popular Russian toast for the region's drinkers. goEast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film has decided to seize the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Gagarin's trip around the Earth to organise an outer space programme of its own this April. Attendees of the festival, hosted by DFF – DeutschesFilminstitut & Filmmuseum, can look forward to films gathered from all co-ordinates throughout Central and Eastern Europe. 

BUCHAREST: Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn by Romanian writer/director Radu Jude screens in the Main Competition of the 71st Berlinale, set to kick off on 1 March 2021. The coproduction between Romania, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Croatia has been picked-up by Athens-based Heretic Outreach. Jude was awarded Best Director at the Berlinale for Aferim! in 2015.

WARSAW: FNE has teamed up with the Brussels based team of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) to bring you regular updates on EU cinema policies that impact all industry professionals across Europe. Click here for FNE UNIC EU Cinema Policy Update.

COVID-19: EU response

12/02: Statement by President von der Leyen at the joint press conference with President Sassoli and Portuguese Prime Minister Costa on the Recovery and Resilience Facility – European Commission

11/02: EU recovery package: Council adopts Recovery and Resilience Facility – Council of the EU

The Council adopted a regulation establishing the Recovery and Resilience Facility, which lies at the heart of the EU’s recovery plan. It will make €672.5 billion in grants and loans available for public investment and reforms in the 27 member states to help them address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, to foster the green and digital transitions and to build resilient and inclusive societies.

11/02: Remarks by Commissioner Gentiloni at the press conference on the Winter 2021 Economic Forecast – European Commission

10/02: MEPs call on ECB to prepare for looming economic difficulties – European Parliament

MEPs urge the European Central Bank to consider different policy measures to those currently in place to stimulate the EU economy, which faces darkening prospects.

10/02: Questions and answers: The Recovery and Resilience Facility – European Commission

04/02: Covid-19 recovery: how the main EU instrument will work – European Parliament

The €672.5 billion Recovery and Resilience Facility is the key tool in the EU's Covid-19 recovery plan to support reforms in response to the crisis.

Copyright enforcement

11/02: Participants in the virtual conference on "The Intellectual Property Metamorphosis in the Age of Digital Transition" – 2021 Portugal EU

With four panels and numerous participants, the aim of the encounter was to debate the topics directly related to industrial property.

EU Digital Services Act (DSA) & Digital Markets Act (DMA)

10/02: Regulate social media platforms to defend democracy, MEPs say – European Parliament

In a debate with Secretary of State for European Affairs Ana Paula Zacarias from the Portuguese Presidency of the Council, and Commission Vice-President Věra Jourová, almost all speakers criticised the vast power of social media platforms and their worrying impact on politics and freedom of speech.

/02: Proposal for a Regulation on contestable and fair markets in the digital sector (Digital Markets Act) – EAO Newsletter

The European Commission published the eagerly-awaited Proposal for a Regulation on contestable and fair markets in the digital sector (Digital Markets Act) (DMA). The DMA builds upon the Platform-to-Business Regulation 2019 and its purpose is to target very large online platforms which act as gatekeepers between business users and end users, and which have a major impact and substantial control on the access to certain digital markets.

/02: Proposal for a Regulation on a Single Market For Digital Services (Digital Services Act, DSA) – EAO Newsletter

The European Commission published the much-anticipated Proposal for a Regulation on a Single Market For Digital Services (Digital Services Act, DSA). The proposed DSA introduces a harmonised set of new rules for digital services, including social media, online market places, and other online platforms that operate in the European Union.

Streaming Platforms

15/02: EU Filmmakers Call on Global Streamers to Commit to Fair Negotiating Conditions On Remuneration – FERA

As global streamers are on the rise in the European audiovisual online distribution and production markets, European filmmakers look forward to new opportunities for creative endeavors. The ongoing implementation of key European Directives touching to media regulation (AVMS Directive 2018/1808) and authors’ rights (Copyright Directive 2019/790) should ensure that these collaborations develop in fair and sustainable conditions for European audiovisual creation.


/02: Local media law harmonised with the Audiovisual Media Services Directive - EAO Newsletter

On 22 December 2020, a new Act for amendment and supplement to Закон за радиото и телевизията (the Radio and Television Act - RTA) was promulgated in Държавен вестник (State Gazette) and entered into force on the same day. By way of this Act, Bulgaria has transposed Directive (EU) 2018/1808 (AVMSD/Directive) shortly after the infringement procedure opened by the Commission against Bulgaria and other countries.


01/02: EIB Group and Deutsche Leasing Romania strengthen support for business impacted by COVID-19 – European Commission

The first cooperation between the EIB Group and Deutsche Leasing Romania will help to strengthen investment by Romanian companies active in sectors affected by COVID-19.

Recent studies

The European Authors’ Society -  Launch of Rebuilding Europe – EYxGESAC study – February 2021


19 February: G7 leaders' videoconference

 24 – 25 February: CULT Meeting

 25 February: Video conference of the members of the European Council

 8 – 11 March: European Parliament Plenary

VALETTA: The adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s award-winning novel, Foundation produced by Apple TV+, has finished shooting in Malta, with the production spending more than 10 m EUR on the island, employing more than 400 crew and 800 extras over a four-month period.

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