Serbian Films Score at Bosnia and Herzegovina Box Office

    Death in Sarajevo by Danis Tanović Death in Sarajevo by Danis Tanović

    SARAJEVO: Serbian films once again were a great success in Bosnian cinemas in 2016. Two of them are among the ten most watched films in 2016: Military Academy 3, directed by Dejan Zečević and produced by Nira Pro with 17,947 admissions and 32,780 EUR / 64,112 KM gross and The Flock, directed by Nikola Kojo and produced by K-12 with 17,860 admissions and 36,876 EUR / 72,124 KM gross. They were distributed by Oskar Film and Continental Film, respectively.

    With only one domestic film in cinemas in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016, the market share of domestic films was at its lowest since 2008, when the data was first recorded.

    Death in Sarajevo directed by Danis Tanović and produced by SCCA/pro.ba in cooperation with Margo Films and France 3 Cinéma had just 1,641 admissions outside festival screenings, earning 4,202 EUR / 8,222 KM and bringing the market share of domestic films to 0.18%. Only one national film was released in 2015 also, but Thousand / Hiljadarka by Nenad Đurić produced by HEFT had 20,866 admissions and earned 45,931 EUR / 89,834 KM making the national share much bigger.

    In 2016, a total of 194 films premiered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a slight rise compared to 158 films in 2015. However, cinema admissions saw a slight drop from 942,619 in 2015 to 919,016 in 2016. At the same time, box office results have been showing a small but constant rise since 2013. In 2016 box office gross was 2,395,136 EUR / 4,684,479 KM compared to 2,358,456 EUR in 2015.

    The biggest hit, both from the point of view of the box office and admissions, was Deadpool with 29,267 admissions and 77,735 EUR / 152,037 KM gross.