Sarajevo FF and Documentary Campus Announce Partnership


    SARAJEVO: Munich based Documentary Campus and the Sarajevo Film Festival are partnering to coproduce the CineLink Industry Days, the festival’s industry section, taking place 15-20 August 2020.

    Documentary Campus provides advanced training for professionals and up-and-coming talent at international venues.

    Over the 18 years since its launch, the Sarajevo Film Festival's industry section CineLink Industry Days has become a major hub for Southeast European film professionals and has played a crucial role in the expansion of cinematic coproduction in the region.

    The shared ambition of both Documentary Campus and Sarajevo Film Festival is to stimulate coproduction, offer new insights into the digital possibilities of tomorrow and empower film professionals in the region to navigate the changing media landscape successfully. "In partnering with CineLink Industry Days, we will create new networking possibilities for the exchange of knowledge and set new trends. With our new collaboration we will enrich the festival to also become the central hub for documentary professionals in East Europe," says Donata von Perfall, Director of Documentary Campus.

    Head of Industry at Sarajevo FF, Jovan Marjanović adds, "With so much interest for creative documentaries globally, we are building a strong industry documentary platform for the Southeast European filmmakers. Partnering with the distinguished training initiative Documentary Campus we are able to inspire new generations of filmmakers, foster emerging talents and discover new trends in an ever-changing landscape with new and powerful players."