FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2020: The Otter

    The Otter by Srđan Vuletić The Otter by Srđan Vuletić

    SARAJEVO: Rotterdam Film Festival's Tiger Award Winner Srđan Vuletić returns to CineLink with his third feature film project The Otter. CineLink will be held online from 15 till 20 August 2020.

    Vuletić is known for his award-winning films Summer In The Golden Valley and It’s Hard To Be Nice.

    Hana, a shy sixteen-year-old in love with her schoolmate Mario, half of the popular youtube duo Luka & Mario, is about to go to the lake with the duo when her father dies. Upset that her mother is unable to deal with family pressure and respect her father’s final wishes, Hana nevertheless leaves with the boys. By the end of the film she will have to deal with teenage jealousy, the boys’ inability to deal with emotions and her own family.

    The story is written by successful Montenegrin novelist Stefan Bošković (winner of EU Prize for Literature) and produced by Ivan Đurović of Artikulacija.

    The budget of the film is set at 703,000 EUR and it has received script and project development support from the Film Centre of Montenegro. The producers are primarily looking for European coproducers at CineLink.

    The film will be shot in Podgorica and on Lake Skadar, and the principal photography should commence in the summer of 2022 at the latest.

    Production information:

    Director Srdan VuleticProducer:
    Artikulacija Film (Montenegro)

    Supported by the Film Centre of Montenegro

    Director: Srđan Vuletić
    Writer: Stefan Bošković
    Producer: Ivan Đurović