Cinelink Industry Days Co-Production Market and Drama Announces Selected Projects


    SARAJEVO: Nine projects were selected for the CineLink Co-production Market and seven for the CineLink Drama at the upcoming edition of CineLink Industry Days within the Sarajevo Film Festival (12-19 August 2022).

    The CineLink Co-production Market includes projects from North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria, while projects from Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, were selected for CineLink Drama.

    A new development award, Female Voices CineLink Award (10,000 EUR in cash) presented by the Slovenian Film Centre, will be handed to one project from the CineLink Co-production Market or the CineLink Drama.

    CineLink Industry Days will start with CineLink Workshop in June 2022, one-on-one meetings during the Festival (15-18 August 2022), that will continue with online meetings in September 2022.

    Click HERE to see the selected projects for CineLink Co-production Market or CineLink Drama.