PRODUCTION: The 27th Picture in Production

By Iulia Blaga

    ZAGREB: Prague-based Croatian director Pavo Marinković is shooting his first documentary, a Croatian-Czech co-production between Mitropa and 8Heads Production (www.8heads.com).

    The 70 minute documentary investigates the cultural scandal around An Occupation in 26 Pictures by Lordan Zafranović, the only Croatian film ever selected for competition in the Cannes Film Festival. While some acclaim Lordan Zafranović as a great filmmaker and others call him a communist careerist, the documentary deals with the issue of artistic creation examining the roots of idealism and careerism in human nature.

    Pre-production started in 2011, Marinković told FNE. Shooting began in January and will wrap in April/May 2012. Shooting takes place in Zagreb, Dubrovnik (Croatia), Prague (Czech Republic) and Belgrade (Serbia). Marinković wrote the script. Mario Marko Krce (Croatia) and Ales Blabolil (Czech Republic) are the DOPs, and Dubravko Slunjski will edit.

    27. slika/The 27th Picture is produced by Pavo Marinković and his Croatian company Mitropa together with Julietta Sichel and the Czech company 8Heads Production. Croatian public television (www.hrt.hr) is co-producing. The project is supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Center (www.havc.hr). Negotiations with Czech Television (www.ceskatelevize.cz) are underway. The producers also applied for a grant from the State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinema (www.mkcr.cz). The budget is 153,000 Euro.

    The director told FNE that he plans to finish the film in January 2013, but the premiere is still to be set. "It started as a 50 minute documentary, but it seems it could end up in theatres or at least festivals," he said. The film will air on Croatian Television and perhaps on Czech Television as well.

    The trailer is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piUFKh78OvM

    Production Information


    Nova cesta 136

    10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    8 Heads Productions

    Bilkova 868/10

    110 00 Prague, Czech Republic




    Director: Pavo Marinković

    Script: Pavo Marinković

    DOP: Mario Marko Krce

    Ales Blabolil

    Editor: Dubravko Slunjski