FESTIVALS: Sixteen Films Compete at Pula Film Festival

    Mare by Andrea Štaka Mare by Andrea Štaka credit: Okofilm production

    PULA: The Croatian Programme of the 67th Pula Film Festival, which will be held from 18 to 26 July 2020, will see 16 films competing for Golden Arenas. Five films will compete in the Croatian Film Programme and 11 films in the Minority Co-Productions Programme. The festival is one of the first festivals in EUrope to be able to go ahead since Europe has started to open up again after the COVID pandemic has declined.

    The Festival will open with the Croatian premiere of the Croatian/Swiss film Mare, directed by Andrea Štaka, starring Marija Škaričić and Goran Navojec. The film follows a family of five, in which the mother, although leading a relatively happy life, wishes to break free of the monotony of everyday life.

    The following films will compete in the Croatian Film Programme:

    Mater (Croatia, Serbia, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Directed by Jure Pavlović
    Produced by Sekvenca (HR)
    Coproduced by Wake Up Film & Video Production (RS), Les Films de l'oeil sauvage (FR), Udruženje Novi film (BA)

    The Voice (Croatia)
    Directed by Ognjen Sviličić
    Produced by Maxima Film (HR)

    Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations (Croatia)
    Directed by Milan Trenc
    Producedy by Studio Devet (HR)

    Go, Went, Gone (Croatia)
    Directed by Ljubo Zdjelarević
    Produced by Kinoteka (HR)

    Tereza37 (Croatia)
    Directed by Danilo Šerbedžija
    Produced by Focus Media (HR)

    The Minority Co-Productions Programme will include following films:

    Mare (Switzerland, Croatia)
    Directed by Andrea Štaka
    Produced by Okofilm Productions (CH)
    Coproduced by Dinaridi film (HR), SRF (CH), SRG SSR (CH), ZDF/ARTE

    Father (Serbia, France, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Directed by Srdan Golubović
    Produced by Baš Čelik (RS)
    Coproduced by ASAP Films (FR), Neue Mediopolis (DE), Propeler Film (HR), Vertigo (SI), scca/Pro.Ba (BA), ZDF Arte (DE), Arte France (FR)

    Barefoot Emperor (Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Peter Brosens
    Produced by Bo Films (BE)
    Coproduced by Topkapi Films (NL), Propeler Film (HR), Wajnbrosse Productions (BE), Art Fest (BG)

    Don’t Forget to Breathe (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia)
    Directed by Martin Turk
    Produced by Bela film (SI)
    Coproduced by Quasar Multimedia (IT), Studio Dim (HR), RTV Slovenia (SI), Rai Cinema (IT)

    The Son (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Montenegro)
    Directed by Ines Tanović
    Produced by Dokument (BA)
    Coproduced by Spiritus movens (HR), Luna Film (RO), Monoo (SI), Cut Up (ME)

    Corporation (Slovenia, Croatia)
    Directed by Matej Nahtigal
    Produced by Lignit Film (SI)
    Coproduced by Jaako dobra produkcija (HR), MB Grip (SI), Zvokarna (SI), RTV Slovenija (SI)

    Breast (Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia)
    Directed by Marija Perović
    Produced by Open Box Studio (ME)
    Coproduced by Mitropa (HR), Meander Film (ME), Visionary Thinking (RS)

    All Against All (Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia)
    Directed by Andrej Košak
    Produced by Blade produkcija (SI)
    Coproduced by Mind Produkcija (MK), Motion (HR), RTV Slovenija (SI), Studio Ritem (SI), Daiga (SI)

    Leeches (Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia)
    Directed by Dragan Marinković
    Produced by Marebo (RS), Zillion film (RS)
    Coproduced by Pank film (MK), Interfilm (HR)

    I Am Frank (Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia)
    Directed by Metod Pevec
    Produced by Vertigo (SI)
    Coproduced by Interfilm (HR), Small Moves Films (MK), Backroom Production (RS), RTV Slovenija (SI)

    Aga’s House (Kosovo, Croatia, France, Albania)
    Directed by Lendita Zeqiraj
    Produced by n’Art Films (XK)
    Coproduced by Woof Films (HR), Sacrebleu Productions (FR), SKA-NDAL Production (AL), SY13 (AL)