Croatian Cinemas Lost 70 Percent of Gross Revenue in 2020


    ZAGREB: The number of cinemagoers plummeted to 1,503,306 in the pandemic year of 2020, marking a 70 percent decline compared to 2019. Only two percent of the cinemagoers chose to watch a Croatian film, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Croatia. The six Croatian open-air summer cinemas had 108 percent more performances and 53 percent more visitors compared to 2019.

    The revenues also dropped by 70 percent. Gross revenues from regular film screenings in 2020 fell to 6.3 m EUR / 47.5 m HRK, compared to 21.4 m EUR / 160.4 m HRK in 2019.

    Due to the two lockdowns, most of the cinemas worked between seven and ten months in 2020, so cinemas recorded a total of 99,106 screenings, which is 48 percent less than in 2019.

    Five permanent indoor cinemas organised additional outdoor screenings in 2020.

    Last year, there were 75 cinemas in Croatia, of which 18 were independent cinemas, and 57 other cinemas within other business entities. There were a total of 174 screens, and if there had been no anti-epidemic measures, 34,303 seats would have been available to the audiences.