Croatia Presents 13 New Projects at DocLisboa 2021


    ZAGREB: Croatia is a partner of the Doclisboa International Documentary Film Festival 2021, which is hosting a series of screenings and presentations of Croatian films from 21 to 31 October 2021.

    The long documentary Factories to the Workers by Srđan Kovačević, produced by Fade in, is presented in the From the Earth to the Moon competition programme, while the Green Years section, which is dedicated to student films, is presenting a total of 17 Croatian films produced by the Academy for Dramatic Arts of the Zagreb University.

    In the industry programme Nebulae, a pitching session is organised for nine projects in development, and four recently filmed projects are available to film festivals' programmers, distributors, Chris Marcich, credit: DocLisboasales agents, exhibitors and press.

    The industry programme was supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC).

    “This is the first ever inter-institutional cooperation of this sort between Portugal and Croatia, and I am confident that it is the beginning of a lasting relationship. In the audiovisual sector we share similar challenges as so-called low production capacity countries. It should come as no surprise then that Portugal and Croatia find themselves to be natural allies in the European policy debates which shape our future”, head of HAVC Chris Marcich told FNE.

    Marcich added that both countries remain very desirable filming destinations not only because of their beautiful landscapes, but also because of the high quality of their film professionals.

    Nebulae Programme Dedicated to Croatian Films Includes:

    Selected Films Produced in 2021:

    The Building / Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda (Croatia)
    Directed by Goran Dević
    Produced by 15art

    On the Cold Line / Na snježnoj crti (Croatia)
    Directed by Goran Ribarić
    Produced by Lux film

    The People Are the Way / Put su ljudi (Croatia)
    Directed by Tomislav Krnić
    Produced by Wolfgang & Dolly

    Osijek Copenhagen, City Searching for a Killer / Osijek Kopenhagen, grad traži ubojicu (Croatia)
    Directed by Ivan Faktor
    Produced by Bonobostudio

    Projects in the Pitching Forum:

    Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible / Budi realan traži nemoguće (Croatia)
    Directed by Vanja Juranić
    Produced by Restart
    Coproduced by Kompot

    Being Related to John Malkovich / Biti u rodu s Johnom Malkovichem (Croatia, Italy)
    Directed by Luka Mavretić
    Produced by 4 Film
    Coproduced by Tesla Production

    Cordon (Croatia)
    Directed by Anton Mezulić
    Produced by Restart

    European Union Wolf / Vuk Europske Unije (Croatia)
    Directed by Jadran Boban
    Produced by Hulahop

    Motel (Croatia)
    Directed by Filip Mojzeš
    Produced by Kadromat
    Coproduced by Castor Multimedia

    My Brother’s Children / Djeca mog brata (Croatia)
    Directed by Milivoj Puhlovski
    Produced by Metar 60

    People in My House (Croatia, the Netherlands)
    Directed by Tatjana Božić
    Produced by Lewa Productions
    Coproduced by Conijn Films, Spacedust Productions

    Underground Top Charts (Croatia)
    Directed by Lidija Špegar
    Produced by Factum

    A Year of Endless Days / Godina prođe, dan nikako (Croatia)
    Directed by Renata Lučić
    Produced by Wolfgang & Dolly