Croatia Hosts Emmy Awards Semi-Finals for the First Time

    Aleksandra Subotić Aleksandra Subotić credit: Nova TV

    DUBROVNIK: A semi-final round of judging for the 50th International Emmy Awards took place in Dubrovnik on Wednesday 14 September, hosted by the United Media and Nova TV. This is the first year Croatia is hosting an Emmy semi-final, for the category of the best telenovela, and the event attracted dozens of artists and media professionals.

    “The participation of our company in the process of selecting candidates for the International Emmy Award is a great recognition of our expertise in that field and once again confirms our leading position in the media market of Southeast Europe”, said Aleksandra Subotić, the Chief Executive Officer of United Media.

    United Media, the media arm of United Group and a media service provider in Southeast Europe, is the production leader at regional level, while enjoying considerable penetration on a global level through more than 40,000 hours of original content delivered to more than 50 television channels each year, and reaching out to a market of more than 40 million people.

    The selection process for the International Emmy Awards is a long procedure with judging panels meeting in various locations around the world. This is the first time United Media has been a part of the selection process for the International Emmy Award by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

    The final nominees for a total of 15 categories will be announced in September 2022, and the winners will be revealed at the 50th International Emmy Awards ceremony on 21 November 2022 in New York.

    The International Emmy Awards semi-final was held in Dubrovnik on 14 September 2022.