First Croatian 3D Long Animated Film Released in Domestic Cinemas

    Cricket and Antoinette by Luka Rukavina Cricket and Antoinette by Luka Rukavina credit: Diedra Studio

    ZAGREB: Cricket & Antoinette directed by Luka Rukavina hit Croatian cinemas on 5 January 2023. The first Croatian 3D long animated film is a coproduction between Diedra Studio and Zagreb Film.

    The film has already secured distribution in 40 countries.

    This new take on the Aesop and La Fontaine tale follows a guitar-playing cricket and the heiress of an anthill, where music is forbidden due to the discipline of hard work.

    Cricket & Antoinette took 13 years to be made by a team consisting of over 150 professionals from all over the world, supervised by production designer Jadranka Soviček Krpan, concept artists and character designers Manuel Šumberac and Darko Bakliža, and animation supervisor Siniša Mataić.

    The voice cast includes famous Croatian actors such as Tara Thaller, Marko Petrić, and Filip Vidović.

    The Croatian Television (HRT) will be the first television to broadcast Cricket & Antoinette.