Co-development Funding RE-ACT Announces 8th Edition's Winning Projects


    ZAGREB: The co-development funding RE-ACT (Regional Audiovisual Cooperation and Training) announced the eight winning projects for 2022.

    Forty applications were submitted and the winning projects received 10,000 EUR each, as usual.

    RE-ACT Winning Projects for 2022:

    Fear (Croatia)
    Directed by Nina Violić
    Produced by Terminal 3

    Milk Cow (Croatia)
    Directed by Miroslav Sikavica
    Produced by Pipser Production

    Eve’s Mother (Italy)
    Directed by Stefania Rocca

    Where Roses Do Not Bloom (Italy)
    Directed by Marta Zaccaron

    Sunset (Serbia)
    Directed by Miloš Jaćimović
    Produced by Film House Baš Čelik

    When the Kids Sing the Hits (Serbia)
    Directed by Mina Djukic
    Produced by Sense Production

    Beasts (Slovenia)
    Directed by Maja  Križnik
    Produced by December

    Lost Years (Slovenia)
    Directed by Aron Horvath
    Produced by Temporama