PRODUCTION: Miroslav Sikavica to Shoot Debut Feature Milk Cow in November 2023

    Milk Cow screenwriter, director and the producer Milk Cow screenwriter, director and the producer credit: Pipser

    ZAGREB: Following the international success of their first feature The Safe Place directed by Juraj Lerotić and coproduced by Croatia’s Zelena zraka in collaboration with Slovenia’s December, the Croatian production company Pipser is developing Milk Cow / Muzara, the first feature film by the reputable documentary filmmaker Miroslav Sikavica, which is set to start shooting in November 2023.

    The project won the RE-ACT Development Award at the coproduction forum When East Meets West, which took place as part of the Trieste Film Festival 2023.

    In the film described as an intense, claustrophobic and darkly humorous study of traditional relationships, the mysterious disappearance of a dead man's savings puts a family to the test, and prompts a submissive widow to make a personal transformation.

    “Looking into locations and potential actors is a long process. It will be an ensemble narrative, with over 20 characters, the vast majority of whom should be non-professional actors, which are my permanent stylistic and thematic preoccupations”, Sikavica said.

    The Croatian Audiovisual Centre granted 18,600 EUR for project development in 2022. The estimated budget is 770,000 EUR.

    Filming will take place in the Dalmatinska Zagora region, and it is expected to last 30 days.

    Production Information:

    Pipser  (Croatia)
    Miljenka Čogelja: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Miroslav Sikavica
    Screenwriter: Marija Šimoković Sikavica