Netflix Buys First Batch of Croatian Films

    The Diary of Pauline P. by Neven Hitrec The Diary of Pauline P. by Neven Hitrec credit: Jaka produkcija!

    ZAGREB: Seven years after its arrival in Croatia, the streaming platform Netflix welcomed the first Croatian film in its catalogue in August 2023 and on 15 September 2023 the biggest Croatian distributor Blitz announced the sale of the first package of 12 contemporary Croatian films to Netflix.

    The first Croatian film acquired by Netflix was The Diary of Pauline P. directed by Neven Hitrec and produced by Jaka produkcija, which has been available on the platform since 18 August 2023. It was followed by Even Pigs Go to Heaven directed by Goran Dukić and produced by Švenk, which arrived a week later.

    The first films from the Blitz package that became immediately available to Netflix users are Cricket and Antoinette directed by Luka Rukavina and produced by Diedra, and The Outsiders directed by Ljubomir and Jan Kerekeš, produced by Kerekesh Teatar. The rest of the titles will be released in the following months.

    “Based on the Law on Electronic Media, Netflix has an obligation to invest 2% of its annual income in the production or purchase of audiovisual works of Croatian producers. We hope that, as a result, Netflix would start investing in production. By purchasing Croatian films, a greater visibility is achieved, which is also one of our goals," said Chris Marcich, head of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre.