PRODUCTION: Hrebejk Going into Production with Holy Quarternity

By Michal Prochazka

    PRAGUE: Czech director Jan Hrebejk is set to begin a mid-October shoot on a Czech-Slovak coproduction, Holy Quarternity (Svatá čtveřice) based on an original script from best-selling Czech author Michal Viewegh. The film is produced by Rudolf Biermann´s company In Film (www.infilm.cz).

    The title is a play on words, Biermann told FNE, a take-off on the Holy Trinity. Hřebejk calls the film a "soft" psychological Czech comedy. The cast includes Czech actor Jiří Langmajer (Rules of Lies, 2006), Slovac actress Marika Procházková and veteran actor Luděk Munzar who appeared in Hřebejk´s previous film Innocence.

    "The plot tells a story of a middle-aged married couple. It is not going to be a drastic drama but a film of positive energy. But it is my first real film that is based on an original script, so I hope people will accept it although they will not be able to compare the film with a book," said Viewegh, the most popular Czech contemporary writer.

    This will be Hřebek‘s 12th film. A fall 2012 release is planned.

    Production Information:

    In Film Praha

    Machova 21, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

    Tel: +420 222 515 357

    Fax: +420 220 510 613


    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.