Czech Bionaut Partners with Poland and Slovakia


    PRAGUE: The Czech production company Bionaut is collaborating with partners to set up companies in Poland and Slovakia to work on coproductions.

    In Poland, Bionaut has launched the company Kosmonaut working with director Jan Komasa, and in Slovakia Bionaut is launching the company Rakete with Slovakia’s PubRes. The companies will be developing and producing coproductions between the three countries.

    The first film coming out of the Kosmonaut brand is Sara, a psychologican thriller set in contemporary Berlin, which will shoot in Berlin and either Prague or Warsaw. Jan Komasa will direct the script written by Mark Christopher. Radek Ladczuk is the DoP. The film is in the script writing stage, with a summer 2020 shoot planned, and release in 2021. The producers have brought in a U.S. casting director.   

    The company is also developing two children's animated TV series and Different, a dark adult TV series as a fairytale genre show with Slavic mythological characters.

    Bionaut's producer Danny Holman told FNE, “The idea started with a conversation with Jan Komasa” and Bionaut founder Vratislav Slajer. Holman said the purpose was to establish “a network of companies to access talent, financing and projects. We want projects with genre elements, not purely art house cinema.” Holman said the company has plans to expand beyond the three initial territories.