PRODUCTION: Ondricek Begins Shooting Zatopek

    Zatopek by David Ondricek Zatopek by David Ondricek photo: Lucky Man Films

    PRAGUE: Producer/writer/director David Ondricek has started filming Zatopek, a biopic of the legendary Czech athlete Emil Zatopek, winner of four Olympic medals. The film was originally planned for production in 2015, but delayed until it could get financing in place.

    Zatopek is a story of an outsider, a kid with a squeaky voice, often mistaken for a girl, described by his own mother as a weakling, and essentially lacking in sporting talent. At the same time, it’s a story of a man with an enormous will and yearning to win, a dogged and indomitable athlete who became a legend,” David Ondricek said in a statement.

    The main characters will be played by Vaclav Neuzil and Marta Issova, the husband and wife team who together won four gold medals at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki.

    David Ondricek is producing through his company Lucky Man Films. The film is expected to be finished before the 2020 Olympics.

    Production Information:

    Lucky Man Films
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    Scriptwriter: David Ondříček, Jan P. Muchow
    Director: David Ondříček
    Producer: David Ondříček, Kryštof Mucha
    Production company: Lucky Man Films
    Cast: Václav Neužil, Martha Issová