FNE at Zlin IFF: My Grandpa is an Alien Competes at Zlin

    My Grandpa is an Alien by Drazen Zarkovic and Marina Andree Skop My Grandpa is an Alien by Drazen Zarkovic and Marina Andree Skop

    ZLIN: The children's film My Grandpa is an Alien by Drazen Zarkovic and Marina Andree Skop is one of two films competing for the grand prize in the section of films for children at the 59th Zlin IFF for Children and Youth (24 May – 1 June 2019).

    The film, which began preproduction in 2016, is a coproduction between Croatia, Luxembourg, Norway, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Bosna & Herzegovina.

    The main character, Una, is a 9-year-old girl who is finding it hard to make friends. She is ignored by her brothers and her only friend is her grandpa. One evening, Una witnesses the extraordinary abduction of Grandpa by aliens. Trying to solve the disappearance, Una discovers a secret basement compartment full of alien objects, but her attention is grabbed by a grumpy little alien robot, that tells her that Grandpa is an alien, whose spaceship accidentally crashed on Earth 30 years ago. Una and her robot friend have less than 24 hours to save him.

    Pavlica Bajsic and Branko Ruzic wrote the script based on a story by Irena Krcelic. My Grandpa is an Alien / Moj dida je pao s Marsa was produced by Croatia’s Studio Dim in coproduction with Croatian Radiotelevision, Wady Films (Luxembourg), Filmbin (Norway), MasterFilm, MagicLab (Czech Republic), Artileria (Slovak Republic), Senca Studio, Art Rebel 9 (Slovenia) and Fabrika (Bosnia and Herzegovina). It received support from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the MEDIA Programme, Film Fund Luxembourg, the Norwegian Film Institute, Filminvest, the Czech Film Fund, the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Slovenian Film Centre and the Cinematography Fund Sarajevo.

    The film’s budget was 1.2 m EUR, Marina Andree Skop told FNE.

    The film was released in Croatia on 21 March, distributed by 2iFilm .  

    Production Information:

    Studio Dim (Croatia)

    Master Film
    Fabrika (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Croatian Radiotelevision (Croatia)
    Wady Films (Luxembourg)
    Filmbin (Norway)
    MagicLab (Czech Republic)
    Artileria (Slovak Republic)
    Senca Studio (Slovenia)
    Art Rebel 9 (Slovenia)

    Directors: Marina Andree Skop, Drazen Zarkovic
    Scriptwriters: Pavlica Bajsic, Branko Ruzic, Irena Krcelic
    DoP: Sven Pepeonik
    Production design: Petra Kriletic
    Cast: Lana Hranjec, Ozren Grabarić, Nils Ole Oftebro, Petra Polnišova, Frano Mašković, Alex Rakoš, Sven Barac, Tonka Kovačić, Lucija Šango