PRODUCTION: Czech/Slovak Christmas Film Closer to the Stars in Postproduction

    Closer to the Stars by Lenka Kny Closer to the Stars by Lenka Kny photo: www.aic.sk

    PRAGUE: Director Lenka Kny is in postproduction with her new Christmas film Closer to the Stars / Vánoce budou, co-written by Hana Cielová.

    Helena, a young owner of a prosperous café, food blogger, good food and a modern lifestyle fan, lives in the vibrant city centre. As a result of her past, Christmas is a big trauma for Helena and on the recommendation of her aunt Elly, she decides to spend the holiday with her eight-year-old son Nicholas in the mountains. There, she meets a grumpy loner Richard, who is her complete opposite. Natural elements turn the Christmas vacation into an involuntary prison in a mountain hut and the children decide to take their parent’s fate into their own hands. 

    The Czech/Slovak romantic comedy is produced by Bluetime and coproduced by Art4, with a budget of 950,000 EUR. The cast includes popular Czech and Slovak actors Anna Polívková, Bolek Polívka, Martin Dejdar, Jana Preissová and Danica Jurčová.

    „The film is currently in the stage of postproduction and the shooting took place mostly in the Slovak Low Tatras, where the filmmakers were lucky to have lots of natural snow last year,“ Hana Cielová told FNE.

    The film will be released in November 2019 by Bioscop in the Czech Republic and by Continental film in Slovakia.

    Production information:

    Bluetime (Czech Republic)

    Art4 (Slovakia)

    Directed by: Lenka Kny
    Screenplay by: Hana Cielová, Lenka Kny
    DoP: Michael Baumbruck
    Music: Michal Pavlíček
    Cast: Anna Polívková, Bolek Polívka, Martin Dejdar, Jana Preissová, Marek Němec, Jana Krausová, Danica Jurčová, Roman Pomajbo, Marek Adamczyk