Streaming Platforms to Contribute to Czech Audiovisual Fund


    PRAGUE: Streamers including both domestic and foreign streamers, will be obliged under a new plan put forward by the Czech Ministry of Culture to allocate 2% of their revenues to the Czech Film Fund. They will join cinemas, broadcasters and other content platforms.

    The amendments to the Czech Audiovisual act will also mean streamers will be obliged to spend an additional 1.5% of their revenues on commissioning Czech content or contribute additionally to the Czech Film Fund bringing the total to 3.5%. The new act is expected to take effect in 2025 after passing all legislative processes.

    The announcement was made by the Culture Minister Martin Baxa in a press briefing held earlier this week and reaffirmed during a press conference of APA the Czech Audiovisual Producers Association during the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.