FNE at KVIFF 2010 East of the West: Dolls

By Iulia Blaga

    With his first feature, Dolls/Kuklalar, Chingiz F. Rasulzadeh returns to a period 20 years earlier in his home country of Azerbaijan, before the fall of the Soviet Union. He follows several young men working at a seaside park disguised as famous characters (such as Mickey Mouse) as they try to cope with the changes in the society and their own growing up in the process.

    {mosimage}Using the image of the costumes the boys have to wear when posing alongside tourists for pictures as a metaphor for the masks that need to fall, Rasulzadeh addresses the larger panorama of a society on the verge of intense and profound transformations. This coming of age drama set in 1989, when critical moments in the lives of the boys are interwoven with tormented historical conditions, has a nostalgic and sometimes comical touch, integrated into a sincere account of the director's own experience.

    Rasulzadeh choose his young actors from a selection of some 500 adolescents. The major challenge of the production was to find the remnants Baku in 1989. The streets and the buildings of the capital city of Azerbaijan underwent dramatic changes. The production team was also challenged in its search for the advertisments, the cars and other period requirements needed in order to recreate the atmosphere of the late 80's.

    Born in 1972 in Baku, Rasulzadeh graduated from the Azerbaijan State Institute of Arts in 1998 and attended Moscow's VGIK film school. He shot two short documentary films: MIMoZHIZNI (2003), and the award-winning Gestures. Reconciliation... (2005), a portrait of an old man whose life was destroyed by the war, which he produced, wrote, and directed. Dolls/Kuklalar is his first feature.

    {mosimage}Production information


    Tbilis pr. 1 Azerbaijan

    Producer: Tofig Musayev

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    Director: Chingiz Rasulzade

    Screenplay: Chingiz Rasulzade, Ramiz Fataliyev

    DOP: Yuri Varnovsky

    Music: Isa Melikov

    Designer: Rovshan Mehdiyev

    Editor: Elshad Rahimov

    Cast: Gorgud Jafarli

    Evgeniy Gahramanov

    Iskender Agagulov

    Javid Guliyev

    Vahid Aliyev

    Jamina Agayeva

    Elvira Jafarova