PRODUCTION: : F.A. Brabec begins shooting Under the Duvet

By Irena Zemanová

    Czech director and cinematographer F.A. Brabec, (Kytice, 2000, Bolero, 2004, May 2008) has begun shooting his latest film Under the Duvet (V peřinách ), which he calls "the first 3D feature length fantasy musical." Produced by Hollywood Classic Entertainment (www.hce.cz), Under the Duvet is scheduled for a March 2011 release.

    According to scriptwriter Miroslav Adamec, Under the Duvet is a fairy tale story about the secrets hiden in everyone´s duvets and sheets - both beautiful dreams and nightmares. „It‘s almost a philosophical issue about what would happened if those dreams and nightmares ruled our lives," Brabec said.

    Tle first exterior shoots of the film was filmed in south Bohemia. Tle shooting will continue in July, said Šárka Střelková from the production company.

    The film will contain around 20 original songs, written by czech composers René Rypar and Lou Fananek Hagen. The cast includes Karel Roden, Bolek Polívka and Czech singer Lucie Bílá in the lead roles, along with Eliška Balzerová, Jiří Mádl, Nina Divíšková and Arnošt Goldflam.

    Tle production of the fairy-tale musical is using stereoscopic digital screening for the special effects. The final budget has not been announced.


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