PRODUCTION: Fimfarum 3 goes into post-production

By Irena Zemanova

    The latest installment of the popular Czech animated film series, Fimfarum 3, has completed production work on all three of its sequences and is headed into a demanding post-production phase at the end of September. Producer Martin Vandas of production Maurfilm company (www.maurfilm.com) announced that the film will be ready in time for a February 10, 2011 release date.

    Previously the premiere of a movie, which consists of three fairy tales based again on a book by Jan Werich, was planned for autumn 2010, but it had to be postponed because of the complicated production.

    "We decided to postpone the release because of the extremely long and exacting production of the longest segment of the movie, a 40 minute long story On Reason and Joy by director David Súkúp. Now, even his part is finished," Vandas told FNE. Two other shorter stories by directors Kristina Dufková and Vlasta Pospíšilová are already prepared for release.

    The film is the last installment of an animated trilogy, using the subtitle Fimfárum 3: The Third Time Lucky. It combines classic puppet animation, computer animation and it is produced in 3D stereoscopic technology.

    "We wanted to modernize the style and make it more attractive for the younger audience," Vandas said of the decision to use computer technology for part of the film. In the fairy tale sequence, "About the extinction of ogres extinction in Sumava" by director Kristina Dufková, the ogres are created with digital art technology, while people are represented by classic puppets.

    "Using the demanding 3D stereoscopic technology, Finmfárum 3 is the most expensive part of the trilogy with a budget of CZK 30 million (1.2 million Euros)," said Vandas. Czech television (www.ceskatelevize.cz) and Bioscop (www.bioscop.cz) produced the movie while HBO Czech Republic (www.HBO.cz) joined on as a recent co-production partner. "We also received a record CZK 7 million grant (279,000 Euros) from the Czech State Fund for Support and Development of Cinematography," Vandas said.

    Vandas had announced that Jaroslav Uhlíř and Zdeněk Svěrák, the beloved Czech screenwriter and actor (best known from box office hits Empties and Kolya directed by his son Jan Svěrák) will write the title song for Fimfárum 3. Karel Holas composed the original score.

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