PRODUCTION: Eeva Mägi’s Mo Papa Took Part in Marché du Film Goes to Cannes

    Mo Papa by Eeva Mägi Mo Papa by Eeva Mägi credit: Kinosaurus Film

    TALLINN: Estonian director/writer Eeva Mägi took her new feature film Mo Papa to the Marché du Film Goes to Cannes. The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival was among the 2024 partners of the showcase alongside film festivals from Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Argentina and Taiwan.

    In Cannes, the second installment of Mägi’s trilogy starting with Mo Mamma (2023, produced by Filmivabrik and Kinosaurus Film), looked for coproducers, sales agents and distributors.

    When Eugen (28) is released from prison, he has no one except his father, who abandoned him when he was born, and two friends from the orphanage. Eugen attempts to begin a new life, but the unresolved trauma from his abandonment keeps him returning to an endless cycle of violence.

    The film stars Jarmo Reha, Ester Kuntu, Rednar Annus and Paul Abiline.

    "Mo Papa was born without any written script or safe budget, and it was inspired by real life. The film combines various incidents involving people I encountered while providing as a lawyer free legal aid in a psychiatric clinic to those in need of child protection, together with an acquaintance's story. The actors were not given any text or specific scene during shooting, and we allowed the story and characters to develop organically. Together with our main character we visited prisons, where we met with psychologists and the prisoners themselves. It was an amazing collaboration of real life and creativity, where the characters truly became alive because they were actually in a situation that would otherwise be artificially staged on set", Eeva Mägi told FNE.

    Mägi is producing the film through Kultuurikuur together with Sten-Johan Lill through Kinosaurus Film, with a total budget of 60,000 EUR.

    The project was financed by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia with 40,000 EUR, private investors with 11,500 EUR and self funding with 8,500 EUR.

    "Art is too often constrained by various commissions, all of which demanding a structured screenplay and project. But art, including filmmaking, must be free and reflect the creator's true intent, whether it is put down on paper beforehand or immediately projected onto the screen. Art can never conform to standards", Mägi concluded.

    Italian composer Alessandro Malcangi is in charge of the original music.

    The film was shot by Sten-Johan Lill in Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, in January 2024, and it is due to be released in the second quarter of 2025.

    Production Information:

    Mo Papa by Eeva Mägi, credit: Kinosaurus FilmProducers:
    Kinosaurus Film (Estonia)
    Eeva Mägi: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Kultuurikuur (Estonia)
    Sten-Johan Lill: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Eeva Mägi
    Screenwriter: Eeva Mägi
    DoP: Sten-Johan Lill
    Composer: Alessandro Malcangi
    Production designer: Allan Appelberg
    Costume designer: Ulvi Tiit
    Cast: Jarmo Reha, Ester Kuntu, Rednar Annus, Paul Abiline