PRODUCTION: Robert Pejo in Pre-Production on Paw (Mancs)


    BUDAPEST: Hungarian director Robert Pejo is in pre-production on his new film, Paw, a story based on the real life of the famous Hungarian rescue dog and his trainer Laszlo Lehoczki. Produced by Laszlo Kantor's Uj Budapest Filmstudio the film is set to shoot in autumn. Pejo's wife Magda Dajni has written the script.

    The project is Pejo's second collaboration with Kantor after the internationally successfully Dallas Pashamende which was a hit on the festival circuit.
    Paw and his master wherever and whenever catastrophe occurred and he rescued people in Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Columbia, Greece, Taiwan, India, Guatemala, and Hungary and other countries. The film is slated to be shot as an international coproduction with partners and cast still to be confirmed. It is targeted at the family audience.
    Speaking exclusively to FNE Pejo said: "The story appealed to me because you have a loser man and a loser dog who together find a way to make life meaningful. There will also be some animation scenes in the film. The story will be like a fairy tale, a legend."

    Directed by Robert A. Pejo
    Script: Magda Dajani
    Set designer: Tomas Banovich
    Production manager: Piros Zankay
    Line Producer: Zsuzsa Kulscar

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    Uj Budapest Filmstudio
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