Macedonian TV Revenues Down


    SKOPJE: Macedonian TV revenues reached in 2016 their lowest point in the last five years. Commercial and public broadcasters generated total revenues of approximately 25 m EUR / 1,540,190,000 MKD, representing a drop of 50% compared to 2015.

    The financial result of all TV broadcasters marks a loss of 2.2 m EUR / 137,970,000 MKD, according to the Macedonian Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services.

    Also in 2016 the advertising revenues in the TV broadcast sector represented 85.75% of the total revenues.

    A total of 28 of the country’s 63 TV broadcasters generated positive financial results, mainly from advertising. TV Sitel had the highest overall revenues with 7.69 m EUR (which is a drop of 12.63% compared to 2015), followed by Kanal 5 (with 3.36 m EUR representing a drop of 29.1%) and Alsat-M TV  (2.77 m EUR representing an increase of 2.86%).

    In 2016 the public broadcaster Macedonian Radio Television generated the lowest figures in revenues in the last five years with 67.50% coming from the broadcasting fee. This is a drop of 7.35% compared to the 2015 level.

    As in 2015, TV Sitel was the most watched domestic TV station in 2016, while Discovery was the most watched foreign TV station.