Macedonian Domestic Admissions Drop in 2018, General Admissions Hold Steady

    The Secret Ingredient by Gjorce Stavreski The Secret Ingredient by Gjorce Stavreski

    SKOPJE: More domestic films were released in Macedonian cinemas in 2018, but admissions to domestic films dropped drastically from 17,494 in 2017 to 7,704 in 2018. Compared to 2017, when the admissions were 17,494 and the box office was 29,746 EUR gross, there is a decrease by 125 percent and by 117 percent, respectively.

    Gjorche Stavreski`s The Secret Ingredient / Iscelitel  (Fragment Film), which was released in 2017, is Macedonia’s domestic box office topper with 2,916 admissions and 6,021 EUR / 370,337 MKD gross in 2018. The Macedonian/Serbian/Slovenian/Kosovan coproduction Year of the Monkey / Godina na majmunot by Vladimir Blazevski (Pank Film) ranked second with 1,036 admissions and 2,253 EUR / 138,548 MKD gross. The rest of the domestic films attracted fewer than 1,000 viewers each.

    The total number of admissions and box office stood nearly the same in 2018 compared to 2017, with only a small decrease. In 2018 total admissions were 410,331 and total box office was 1,161,141 EUR. Compared to 427,726 admissions and the total box office of 1,178,687 EUR in 2017, there was a decrease by 4.25 percent and 1.5 percent, respectively.

    American films dominated the box office with a total of 302,192 admissions and 931,019 EUR gross, while European titles had 75,589 admissions and 172,546 EUR gross. The US box office market share remained high in 2018 with 80.18 %, while the EU box office market share together with the national films was 16.04 % and the national box office market share was 1.18 %.

    The general 2018 box office was topped by Avengers: Infinity War (distribution by 2i Film) with 19,450 admissions and 74,999 EUR / 4,612,468 MKD gross and Johnny English Strikes Again (distribution Premium Film) with 18,923 admissions and 52,177 EUR / 3,208,879 MKD gross.

    The North Macedonia Film Agency provided 5.2 m EUR for film production in 2017 and the same amount was secured for 2018.