BOX OFFICE: Admissions in Macedonian Cinemas Increased by 78.8 % in 2022


    SKOPJE: General admissions soared from 141,767 in 2021 to 262,402 in 2022, and the total gross rose from 453,978 EUR / 28 m MKD in 2021 to 750,940 EUR / 46 m MKD, according to the official statistics issued by the North Macedonia Film Agency in May 2023.

    This is below the pre-pandemic numbers (501,622 total admissions in 2019 and 1.5 m EUR / 92 m MKD), but it is a sign of recovery for a country with a population of 2 m and 26 screens. The average number of cinema visitors in the past decade annually was around 390,000 visitors.

    Admissions to domestic films also increased significantly from 2,652 in 2021 to 32,188 in 2022, due to the numerous domestic releases of Macedonian films. Two domestic titles made it into the annual Top 10 list by number of admissions: Kaymak by Milcho Manchevski, produced by Banana Film in coproduction Meta Film (Denmark), N279 Entertainment (the Netherlands), Nukleus film (Croatia) and the Macedonian Radio Television, and distributed by Banana Film, with 16,070 admissions and 49,948 EUR gross, which leads the list, and Bibi and Bobi in Snowman`s Land / Bibi I Bobivo Sneskograd, produced and distributed by Bibi’s World LLC, with 8,342 admissions and 22,652 EUR gross.

    Out of the 444 films screened in the country, 217 or almost 50% were European films, while 32 films were domestic, and 135 were US titles.

    The Batman, distributed by Blitz Film and Video Distribution, with 15,771 admissions and 58,468 EUR gross, Avatar – The Way of Water (Blitz Film and Video Distribution) with 13,137 admissions and 51,907 gross), Kaymak (Banana Film) with 16,070 admissions and 49,948 EUR gross and Spiderman: No Way Home (Con Film doo) with 12,490 admissions and 48,335 gross, were the four most popular films in Macedonian cinemas in 2022.