North Macedonia's Animated Series Bibi's Fairy Tales on Amazon Prime

    North Macedonia's Animated Series Bibi's Fairy Tales on Amazon Prime credit: Videoplugger

    SKOPJE: The Macedonian animated series Bibi's Fairy Tales / Skaznite na Bibi is now available to the audience in the United Kingdom and the United States through Amazon Prime.

    This acquisition marks a significant milestone for the series, offering English-speaking audiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in the charmingly animated world of Bibi, Bobby and their alien companions that instills compassion, hard work and unity.

    The show was selected at the Cartoon 360 festival in Lille, France among the best educational animated projects of 2020 in Europe. The series was sold in Croatia to NOVA TV, in Serbia to Dexy TV, and has recently signed with Markettcom to expand the licensing opportunity of the brand in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) and Canada. The British distributor Videoplugger has the exclusive right to distribute the 26-episode animated series worldwide.

    “Through its availability on international platforms, the series not only entertains but also promotes cultural exchange, sharing the richness of North Macedonian storytelling with global audiences”, the production company has stated.

    The series was produced by Stojche Gjorgjiev, Zharko Stojanoski and Marjan Aleksovski through Bibi’s world LLC. Biljana S. Crvenkovska is the main scriptwriter, Mihajlo Dimitrievski is the art director and Goce Cvetanovski from Lynx Animation Studios is a creative consultant.

    The first episode of the series premiered in North Macedonia on 14 October 2018 on the dedicated YouTube channel, followed by a TV premiere on 23 February 2020 on the Macedonian Radio Television.