Communications Company Announces 1m EUR Investment in Maltese TV Content


    VALLETTA: One of Malta’s foremost communications services companies, GO has announced a 1 million EUR investment over three years to support original TV content, with Sharp Shoot Media’s Chalet being the first production to benefit.

    Antonio Ivankovic, the Chief Customer Experience Officer of GO, said that the productions financed through the fund will then air exclusively on its platform, GO Originals. He described the initiative as having been motivated by the realisation that local audiences enjoy quality Maltese audio-visual work.

    “Malta offers a lot of untapped talent that needs support and GO, in its quest to bring original and exciting new entertainment to its viewers, will now be collaborating with local production companies and investing in their original productions, which will then be showcased on our TV platform,” Mr Ivankovic said in a press conference announcing the fund, adding that “the idea is to build an extensive and rich library of exclusive Maltese content.”

    The first two episodes of Chalet, which will have an 8-episode run, will premiere on 29 December 2021 and will be directed by Steven Dalli and Sarah Micallef Muscat. The series, a period drama, is set in Malta in the 1930s, at the legendary entertainment mecca, Chalet, in the seaside town of Sliema on the island’s northern coast. It tells the story of Caroline, who in the present-day, chances upon memorabilia from the period, and relives the adventures of those who loved, danced and sang at the Chalet in its heyday.

    Looking ahead to the future of the fund, a call for applications will be launched to support more work, and applicants will be thoroughly vetted before the awardees are announced. Moreover, as part of the initiative, the company will also be negotiating with foreign partners to broadcast the completed work on international channels.