FNE Malta Focus 2023: Malta Film Commission Launches Mediterrane Film Festival


    VALLETTA: The Malta Film Commission has announced the first edition of the Mediterrane Film Festival, which will run in Valletta 25-30 June 2023.

    The festival will be a platform for Malta to keep building its film brand image globally and to attract further film business to the islands, but it will also showcase films from each of the MED9 nations (Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain), according to a press release. The programme of the festival will be announced during the Cannes Film Festival.

    credit: Malta Film CommissionThe festival will be held annually and the featured films will be in the running for various awards.

    Attendees will include Maltese and international filmmakers, actors, crew members, studio executives and producers, as well as representatives from the Mediterranean Film Commission offices, the British Film Commission, academics, investors and executives from major Hollywood studios.

    “The Mediterrane Film Festival will bring together the nine unique Mediterranean nations to celebrate the power of togetherness, the power of creativity and the power of opportunity. Because alone we are small, but together we are better," said Film Commissioner Johann Grech in a statement.