Montenegro Continues Cinema Digitalisation

    Montenegro Continues Cinema Digitalisation source: FCCG

    PODGORICA: The halls of cultural centres in Podgorica (KIC "Budo Tomović"), Tuzi (Malesia Culture Center), Danilovgrad (Culture Center Danilovgrad) and the first summer scene in Montenegro within the Bar Cultural Center will be digitalised by the Film Centre of Montenegro together with the Ministry of Culture and Media of Montenegro and local authorities.

    The cost of the investment is 484,000 EUR, according to the Film Centre of Montenegro.

    "So far, we have signed 15 contracts for the digitalisation of cinema halls in Montenegro, nine of which have started working within cultural centres, and all of that cost the Film Centre 700,000 EUR," said Aleksandra Božović the Head of the Film Centre of Montenegro when the new contracts were signed on 27 December 2023.

    Božović also announced that digitalisation in all the halls of Montenegrin municipalities is planned to start in the next two years.

    "In the coming period, we will continue to restore and standardise the cinema network, encourage the development of the technical base of cinematography, as well as the professional training of employees in cultural centres, as these are also priorities recognised by the Law on Cinematography and the National Programme for the Development of Cinematography for the period of 2018-2023," emphasised the Minister of Culture and Media Tamara Vujović.