Mazovia Film Fund Grants for Seven Projects

    "15 corners fo the world", Photo via www.endorfinastudio.com "15 corners fo the world", Photo via www.endorfinastudio.com

    WARSAW: The Mazovian regional film fund will support seven films with 0.5 million PLN.

    The Mazovia Film Fund held the competition for the third time. Eligible films were required to have a connection with the Mazovia Province with the location of the shoot, the topic, filmmakers, and businesses from the region as part of the project and the entire grant spend taking place in the Mazovia Provice. The Mazovian Center of Art and Culture, the fund's operator, will become a coproducer on the seven films.

    The following films received funding:

    15 Corners Of The World, a documentary about a sound archeologist Eugeniusz Rudnik

    And There Was Love In The Ghetto, a documentary about the reality of life in the Warsaw Ghetto inspired by Marek Edelman. 

    Powroty Agnieszki H. a documentary about Agnieszka Holland and her life in work in Prague.

    One Man Show, a documentary about the struggle of an actor's life.

    Warsaw By Night a feature drama.

    Jaster a historic documentary.

    Brothers a documentary following a story of two men who come back to Poland after 60 years of living in Kazachstan.

    See the full grants table here.