Poland Reorganises Polish National Film Archive and National Audiovisual Institute into New Institution


    WARSAW:  On 1 June 2017 the Polish Minister Of Culture And National Heritage Piotr Gliński merged the two leading film institutions, Polish National Film Archive and the National Audiovisual Institute, into one unit named National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute. Katarzyna Chałubińska - Jentkiewicz was named the Director of the new institution.

    The newly created institution will be responsible for carrying out activities of both National Film Archive and Audiovisual Institute, including gathering and digitally restoring documents and material on the national cultural heritage; production and creation of high quality audiovisual materials on Polish culture and art; documenting Polish audiovisual artistic events; education activity and publication of academic works on culture and national heritage.

    All of the employees of both institutions are now employed by the National film Archive - Audiovisual Institute, headed by Katarzyna Chałubińska - Jentkiewicz, a law PhD, adjunct at the Institute of Law and Administration of the National Defense Academy in Warsaw. In the years 1996 - 2011 she worked as a lawyer at the National Broadcasting Council and Polsat and TVP. Previously, she served as deputy director of the National Audiovisual Institute.