OBITUARY: Festival Curator Natalia Jarmolińska (Maliszewska)

    Natalia Jarmolinska Natalia Jarmolinska photo: WFF

    WARSAW: Natalia Jarmolinska (Maliszewska), short film section curator, programmer of short and feature films for the Warsaw Film Festival, passed away at 32.

    Natalia Jarmolińska (born Maliszewska) was a member of the programming team of the Warsaw Film Festival. She had studied Psychology at the University of Warsaw and Film Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

    She started working for the Warsaw Film Festival in 2012 and remained a permanent member of the staff. She was the short films programme curator, responsible for the selection process for the short films competition and non-competitive sections. Due to her efforts,
    the Warsaw Film Festival appeared on the official Academy of Motion Pictures’ list of festivals qualifying winners to participate in the Oscar race for awards in as many as four categories in short film.

    In the past years she was also helping the selecting team to choose feature films for the festival programme. She was often invited as a jury member to various film festivals worldwide including the 2017 Sundance TV Shorts competition jury.

    She used to call herself a fierce film huntress. The WFF Team thought of her as of a good soul of the festival office, the most curious and wonderful curator and programmer.