New Horizons IFF Launches VOD Platform


    WARSAW: The New Horizons IFF will launch New Horizons VOD in Poland on 26 February 2021 at nowehoryzonty.pl/vod. The platform is aimed at fans of film festivals and films awarded at European and world events.

    New Horizons VOD was created following the success of the online edition of the 2020 New Horizons IFF festival.

    The website will start with 216 films, which will include productions from the catalogue of Gutek Film and the New Horizons Association. The library also features the winning films of the last edition of the festival, shown in cinemas as part of special screenings, and unavailable elsewhere.

    "The films available in the NH VOD offer are not the result of calculations carried out by impersonal algorithms. All the titles have been selected by experienced curators and curators who have prepared the programme of the New Horizons Association's events for years, selecting films from the most important festivals in the world, including Cannes, Venice, Toronto and Berlin," New Horizons Association told FNE. 

    The platform’s charges range from 1.5 EUR for a single film to 20 EUR for a package of 30 films.