Polish Filmmakers Association Offers Aid to Ukrainian Refugee Filmmakers


    WARSAW: The Polish Filmmakers Association offers help in finding employment in the productions of its Munk Studio to representatives of the film industry among the refugees from the Ukraine.

    Jacek Bromski, President of Polish Filmmakers AssociationThe troops of the Russian Federation launched an invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. For several days now, a regular war has been going on, which is condemned by almost the whole world. Sanctions have been imposed on Russia and thousands of refugees are coming to the countries neighboring Ukraine, mainly Poland.
    The Polish Filmmakers Association offers representatives of the film industry among refugees from Ukraine help in finding work. President Jacek Bromski also promises to organise the transport of Ukrainian filmmakers from the Polish border.

    "If a group of war refugees includes representatives of the film industry (of all professions), we can help them find employment in the productions of the Munk Studio operating at the Polish Filmmakers Association. We also offer employment opportunities to selected people in the SFP Office, and in the restaurants and the Kultura cinema we manage. We can also shelter several families in the Creative Work House in Kazimierz Dolny." The President of the Polish Filmmakers Association Jacek Bromski said in an open letter to Andrij Deszczycia, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland. "Watching the frightening front photos, we connect our thoughts with your heroic nation. Therefore, it will be a great honour for us to support you in this unjust war. Long live Ukraine!" Jacek Bromski added.