Polish Filmmakers Association Increases Budget for 60 Minutes Programme

    Polish Filmmakers Association Increases Budget for 60 Minutes Programme credit: SFP

    WARSAW: The Polish Filmmakers Association (SFP) has decided to increase the budget for films from the 60 Minutes Programme from 213,632 EUR / 1 m PLN to 267,045 EUR / 1.25 m PLN each. The 60 Minutes Programme was launched in 2018 at SFP Munk Studio.

    The decision was explained by the president of the Polish Filmmakers Association Jacek Bromski by the fact that “films from SFP Munk Studio are presented at festivals in Poland and around the world, win prizes, and are distributed both in Poland and abroad”.

    “In addition, there are in kind contributions from companies that cooperate with us. We also apply to regional film funds, for example Piotr Złotorowicz's Wiarołom, which is currently presented at festivals, was co-financed by the West Pomeranian Film Fund”, said Jerzy Kapuściński, the Artistic Director of Munk Studio.

    The aim of the 60 Minutes Programme is to shorten the path to a full-length professional debut and to enrich Polish cinematography with original images of contemporary Polish reality.

    “We try to choose original proposals for films that have a chance for the festival circuit. We are glad that our films are also regularly distributed, as it was the case with titles from the first edition of the programme, Supernova by Bartosz Kruhlik and Eastern by Piotr Adamski. Younger and younger filmmakers submit their projects, one of our directors is under 30 years old. It means an acceleration of the debut, which has always been the aim of the Munk Studio”, Jerzy Kapuściński also said.