Polish MOMAKIN Launches StopMoLab


    WARSAW: Poland-based company MOMAKIN has launched a new educational project StopMoLab, which includes workshops, talks, case studies, mentoring and lectures for beginner stop-motion animation creators. Some lectures will be open to the public online.

    StopMoLab is a nine month long training programme which is exclusive with only 25 seats, for five people of each profession: animators, puppet makers, production managers, art directors and screenwriters.

    This month there will be two open meetings: the first one with Francesca Berlingieri Maxwell on 20 May 2022 and the second one, which will also be open to the public, with Simon Quinn, on 25 May 2022.

    StopMoLab is organised by MOMAKIN, a company connecting the world of animated filmmakers with the international production, distribution and promotion market, which specialises in stop motion projects.

    Click HERE for the press release.

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