Patryk Vega in Development with Putin Biopic in English

    Small World by Patryk Vega Small World by Patryk Vega

    WARSAW: Polish box office hit director Patryk Vega is planning a film biography of Vladimir Putin. The production with the working title The Vor in Law is expected to cost 12 m USD.

    The plot of the film about Russia's leader is to begin at a time when the politician was working in the administration of Saint Petersburg. In the early 1990s, Putin was responsible for the city's trade contacts with foreign countries. Already then, his contacts with organised crime and getting rich with state property were about to begin. The film The Vor in Law is to show successive periods in Putin's life, until the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The film will be an English-language production with an estimated budget of 2 m USD / 52.5 m PLN. The director wants to obtain funds from private investors.
    "No, don't expect an ordinary biography. "The Vor" in the title means someone like the godfather of the Russian mafia. Vladimir Putin was supposed to be associated with the Russian mafia during his time in the administration of Saint Petersburg. It was right after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The story will cover a long time, however, because I want to present the story of the dictator until the aggression against Ukraine." said Patryk Vega in a statement.
    Putin's film biography will not be the first Vega production aimed at foreign audiences. In September 2021, Small World (Vega Investments) was released in cinemas by Kino Świat. The film dealt with the topic of child trafficking.