Netflix to Pay for Clicks in Poland

    High Water by Jan Holoubek, Bartłomiej Ignaciuk High Water by Jan Holoubek, Bartłomiej Ignaciuk source: Netflix

    WARSAW: While Poland is waiting for statutory solutions allowing for the payment of royalties to the creators of productions for their views on streaming services, Netflix is introducing a pilot solution for a remuneration system depending on the popularity of films and series on the platform.

    The topic of royalties for broadcasting series on the Internet in Poland was brought by the international success of the Polish series High Water directed by Jan Holoubek and Bartłomiej Ignaciuk, produced by Netflix and Telemark, and supported by the Polish Film Institute, which was seen by over 10 m people worldwide since its premiere on Netflix on 5 October 2022.

    The pilot system of additional remuneration "for viewership" is based on solutions already implemented in Germany, Sweden and Norway. The terms and conditions regarding the remuneration will be determined each time in cooperation with the creators, and the bonuses will be paid directly to them.

    “We are proud that Netflix, as the first streaming service in Poland, can offer creators an innovative and partnership solution based on contractual arrangements. The proposed solution is a pilot and covers selected productions”, says Rachel C. Schumacher, Senior Counsel, International Labor Relations with Netflix.

    Since the beginning of its operations in Poland, Netflix has been working closely with the Polish industry, increasing its involvement in the market year by year. In 2020-21, the service invested 104,463,989 EUR / 490 m PLN in developing a library of Polish films and series (both owned and licensed), as well as in the production of foreign titles in Poland.