Production: Polish slasher parody in the works

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    Polish independent director and producer Piotr Matwiejczyk is preparing a Polish parody of the American classic slasher film.

    Piotrek Trzynastego ( Peter the 13th, a play on words of the Polish translation of Friday the 13th) is a black humor parody about a group of teenagers staying in a lakeside cabin who discover a terrible secret connected to the secluded location. One by one they start to die in gory circumstances.

    Matwiejczyk is one of the most popular Polish independent filmmakers. His credits include 100 short and 17 long feature films, which he usually writes, directs and produces himself. Since 1998, 23 of his films have won over 60 prizes during events such as The Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, The Cracow Independent Film Festival, Era New Horizons International Film Festival and Festival de Nationen in Ebesee. He works in a variety of genres including dark comedy and drama.


    "With this movie I decided to go back to my childhood, when I used to love bloody slasher horror films. I needed a break form my latest very emotionally challenging project titled Smutna (The Sad One). Seven years ago I directed a parody titled Koszmar minonej zimy ( I Know What You Did Last Winter) and it turned out very funny and successful. That is why after my other very well received comedy Kup Teraz (Buy now) I decided to make another movie that would relax me as well as my crew and somehow fulfill my childhood fantasies, especially before starting the works on my newest serious project inspired by the story of the Austrian criminal Joseph Fritzl titled Kojec (Playpen)," Matwiejczyk told FNE.

    Piotrek Trzynastego is currently in the shooting stage, with 80% filmed in May, July and August 2009 at Mazury and Wrocław. The remained of the filming will take place in Warsaw, Wrocław and other cities with the end of the shoot scheduled for September 15, 2009. The film is produced by MUFLON PICTURES (www.muflonpictures.com), a company co- founded by Matwiejczyk. "Our co-producer is EXD'Art obrazy bez granic (www.exdart.com.pl), a company headed by Piotr Żukowski, with whom I worked closely during my lat 8 productions. Piotr Żukowski is also the cinematographer for this picture. Weronika Rosati, who is playing one of the main characters in my movie is also our co-producer" Matwiejczyk told FNE.


    The first screening of the title is planned for Friday the 13th of November, 2009 in Wrocław. The director told FNE that he is in the middle of talks with the potential distributors and that there is a chance the movie will appear in cinemas in 2010.

    "It is hard to estimate the full cost of an independent production such as ours. We do have 30,000 PLN of "live cash" but I am not counting the support of people interested in this project, all the equipment provided by EXD'art and my own input in the production organization, scriptwriting and directing," said Matwiejczyk when asked about the total budget of his new movie. " We did not get any financing because we did not apply for any. A lot of excellent independent movies could be made in Poland, but we need a co-financing system for such productions, in which an interesting script could get not a million but 50,000-100,000 PLN. Then we could see at least a few new movies made out of passion and not the need for profit." he adds.

    Production contacts:

    Muflon Pictures

    ul. Parkowa 58
    55-114 Wisznia Mała
    +48 888 664 747
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