PRODUCTION: First Polish 3D production starts shooting

By Katarzyna Grynienko

    Jerzy Hoffman has begun filming The Battle Of Warsaw 1920, one of the biggest Polish film projects of the last decade and the first with full 3D technology.

    The shoot for the Battle Of Warsaw 1920 started on June 29 in the Modlin Fortress near Warsaw. The movie is directed by Jerzy Hoffman, veteran Polish filmmaker, creator of several acclaimed historic films including the Sienkiewicz trilogy (Colonel Wolodyjowski, The Deluge, and With Fire And Sword) and Leper. His new film is set during the Battle of Warsaw of August 1920, considered to be one of the most significant battles in history that stopped the spreading of communism to Western Europe. The script is based on the canvas of historic events, but focuses on the lives of Ola, a young dancer in a Warsaw cabaret and Jan, a Polish soldier and poet.

    Battle Of Warsaw 1920 is the first Polish film realised in 3D. DoP is Sławomir Idziak, Oscar winner for cinematography for Black Hawk Down. "I am very glad to have such an outstanding professional helping me with the first Polish film using this technique," Hoffman said. The use of digital cameras and anamorfotic lenses will enable the distribution of the film in 3D, 2D (Digital Cinema Disc), DVD, 35 mm tape and Cinemascope format. The production will involve other computer effects including multiplication, additional imaging and 3D/ VFX especially in the creation of battle and air fight scenes. The sound will be produced in the Dolby Digital Surround EX technique.

    The project is one of the most expensive Polish productions of the decade, with a planned budget of 20 million PLN (€ 4.9 million). The Polish Film Institiute (www.pisf.pl) is financing 50% of the budget. The film is produced by the director's company Zodiak Jerzy Hoffman Film Production ( www.zodiak-jerzyhoffman.pl ). The all-star cast includes singer Natasza Urbańska as Ola, and rising film star Borys Szyc, and Daniel Olbrzychski. They will be accompanied by a cast of over 80 actors and over 3,500 extras.

    The shoot will end on the August 18, 2010, and the premiere of the Battle Of Warsaw 1920 is scheduled for September 2011.


    Director: Jerzy Hoffman

    Screenwriter: Jarosław Sokół, Jerzy Hoffman

    Cinematographer : Sławomir Iidziak

    Music: Krzesimir Dębski

    Producer: Jerzy R. Michaluk

    Production company: Zodiak Jerzy Hoffman Film Production

    Co-financing: Polish Film Institute


    Borys Szyc

    Natasza Urbańska

    Daniel Olbrychski

    Wojciech Pszoniak

    Wiktor Zborowski

    Marian Dziędziel

    Ewa Wiśniewska

    Stanisława Celińska

    and others

    Production contact:

    Zodiak Jerzy Hoffman Film Production Sp. z o.o.
    Puławska 61

    02-595 Warsaw
    tel./fax:(+ 48 22) 845-20-47,

    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.