Polish thriller with Christopher Lambert shooting in Warsaw


    A new international project from Ozumi Films backed mainly by Polish financing started shooting in Warsaw on Feb. 12 The Driver is a thriller about a passionate and obsessive relationship between a Polish girl and a French businessman played by Christopher Lambert. The film will be the first feature directed by Jérôme Dassier, who also wrote the script.

    Ozumi Films (www.ozumifilms.com) is a Polish production company with several international projects to its credit, including The Pianist and Oliver Twist. It also specialises in handling the Polish end of super-productions such as The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

    "At this stage of production we can't reveal the total budget of The Driver, but it's 90% Polish-financed," Marianna Rowińska from Ozumi Films told FNE.

    Shooting is taking place only in Warsaw and will end by March 16, Agnieszka Hoddle from Ozumi Films told FNE. "The Polish premiere is planned for October 2008 and we are thinking about showing this international production in the major film festivals," she said.