Trials in Poland for digital mobile TV


    Trial broadcasts of 12 programmes from public broadcaster TVP and private broadcasters TVN and Polsat are under way in Warsaw, according to the Krakow-based research and consulting firm PMR Ltd. If the tests are successful as expected, it could mean a full-scale launch of digital mobile TV in Poland later this year.

    The trial is the result of an agreement signed in January by the four largest mobile network operators in Poland: PTK Centertel (Orange), Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (Era and Heyah), Polkomtel (Plus and Sami Swoi) and P4 (Play) on cooperation to launch Digital Mobile Television on the Polish market.

    Initial tests indicated very good signal coverage in Warsaw, PMR said in a statement March 5. The quality of DVB-H transmission is significantly better than that of the stream technology offered by network operators at the moment.

    The network operators say they are all well prepared for a market launch, but as yet they lack legal regulations and warrants for their investments, which will cost each of them several million euros.

    Klaus Hartmann, the chairman of PTC, estimates that by the end of 2009 the number of mobile television users in Poland could reach 100,000.